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This is a transcript of an interview that was published prior to the film’s release.

Andy (ADV) : How was the character for Lady Death created? Where did the idea originate from?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : Lady Death was created to give motivation to another of my creations, Evil Ernie. There is a saying ³behind every great man is a great woman² and I had that in mind. I looked at the history of powerful horror-women like Vampira the TV hostess and noticed that their visual motif was black, black, black and that they typically were thin. I incorporated a lot of white in the design of Lady Death and based her figure on Marylin Monroe or Ann Margret in their prime.

Andy (ADV) : What (or who) was your inspiration behind Lady Death?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : My inspiration for Lady Death was Marylin Monroe.

Andy (ADV) : Did she go through an evolutionary process?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : Yes indeed. An early incarnation of Lady Death has her looking like a Californian beach bunny! Over time and experimentation, she evolved.

Andy (ADV) : Describe Lady Death. Character profile: good or bad?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : Is Lady Death good or bad? Let me put it this way, Judging by the characters surrounding her, opposing her, she is good, she is the hero, if you will. But by ³normal² standard, she is very, very bad.

Andy (ADV) : Her stats? Heights/age/birth/background/favorite food/e.t.c.

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : She is six foot tall. She was born in 1429 AD making her over 500 years old. She is near immortal. She doesn¹t require food. she is neither alive or dead. Her form of existence is unique in the universe. Her background links her to the fabled Valkyrie of the Norse myths.

Andy (ADV) : What part of Lady Death’s history will be developed in theanimated version?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : We will be looking at the origin of Lady Death in the upcoming OVA. It is her early history where we see her transition from a girl named Hope to the female personification of death!

Andy (ADV) : What is the most important aspect in the storyline or character that personifies Lady Death?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : Lady Death never, and I repeat never gives up. She is a survivor and possesses an indomitable spirit. She is seductive and a consummate warrior – both in the combat arts and in arcane sorcery.

Andy (ADV) : What characteristic or element of either Lady Death or the Chaos universe would want to emphasis in the animated version of Lady Death?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : We will focus on Lady Death¹s early history. The story will take us from the dark ages in Europe during the black plague to the fiery pits of Hell.

Andy (ADV) : Different artist have illustrated many famous versions of Lady Death with different styles. Do you allow many artists to draw Lady Death?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : It depends on the use. In the comics, I keep a tight rein on the look of Lady Death, however in pin up books and in Trading Card sets I allow artists more latitude to interpret the character by giving her different costumes. I¹ve been lucky. Artists like Boris Vallejo, Brom, Joe Jusko, Julie Bell, Joseph Linsner, Steven Hughes, Mike Deodato and Ivan Reis have all drawn her.

Andy (ADV) : Do you think it is interesting that different renditions of Lady Death exist all over the world?

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : Yes I do. Death is seen differently by many different cultures. To me, Lady Death is death as a warm embrace.

Andy (ADV) : What do you feel about other comic-turned-animation movies or films that have hit the market? (example: Spawn, WildC.A.T.S., Gen 13, X-Men, etc)

Brian Pulido (Chaos) : By and large, the Americans have not delivered a quality product. WildC.A.T.S. was mediocre. Spawn chooses to de-emphasize the fantastic elements of the story, which does it a great disservice. It is a dark, gloomy cartoon that might as well be live action.

I am a great fan of Japanese animation. I am sure Phoenix Entertainment is the right studio to bring Lady Death to life.

With Lady Death I am committed to pushing the envelope and using animation to do things live action cannot do. Lady Death¹s story is grand, epic and fantastic. I will not change that. If anything, in the animation we will see Lady Death as I envisioned her for the first time.

Andy (ADV) : Thanks for the time and answers Brian!