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Lady Death The Movie – Full Original Version

This version has enhanced picture and sound quality. Credit to Pollard1997 for the upload.

Unfortunately some copies disappear from YouTube from time to time, and when they do we try to replace them with new ones. If there are any issues with this recording, please let us know and we will source another one.

Evolution: Games & Characters Inspired By Lady Death

lady death pictureThe character of Hope, who later becomes Lady Death, was originally created by Brian Pulido of Chaos Comics, who first appeared in Evil Ernie in the early 90s.

If you’re a fan of the movie (or of Chaos other works) then you’ll already know this – and if not you can read more about the character’s history here.

But what other characters, spin offs and games have been influenced by Lady Death over the years? Probably more than you think. Here are a few examples.

We’re not just talking about her alter egos such as Lady Demon, but other spin offs and seemingly unrelated characters, from both games, comics, movies and TV, who either admit to being influenced by Pulido’s characters, or who don’t admit it (but quite obviously are).

The Manga character Misa Amane is an obvious example. She’s probably what Hope would have become if not for Matthias.

In some cases, Lady Death’s influence has transcended the boundary of Anime into other genres. One such example is the character Rich Wilde, who features in the Book Of Dead online slot games and who seems to be largely based on Niccolo, Hope’s secret love interest.

Also, what about Lola Stone in The Loved Ones. Starts off as a sweet and innocent girl, but due to other people’s actions she soon becomes deadly and terrifying in equal measures.

You could say pretty much the same thing about Rose Armitage in the film Get Out. Naive and demure to start with, driven to become pure evil in the end. Again this is the Hope / Lady Death timeline just set in a different backdrop. Allison Williams is brilliant in this film actually, so if you haven’t seen it then it’s definitely one to add to your list.

There are bound to be tonnes more examples – these are just the first few I came up with off the top of my head. I’ll be adding to the list whenever inspiration takes hold, but if you spot any obvious ones I’ve missed in the meantime then please get in touch and let me know. If I agree I will add your picks to the list and credit you for coming up with them too.

Best Online Games For Anime Fans

If you’re a fan of Lady Death then Anmie is undoubtedly your thing. And if so, maybe you fancy trying your hand at some of these online games. They all have a Manga or Anime theme, and (in our opinion) are well worth a try especially seeing as they;re free to play.

This is an update to the best anime online games 2016 list that we personally helped compile a couple of years ago.

So either clear your schedule or wait for a rainy afternoon indoors, and enjoy these offerings.

Brian Pulido On The Future of Lady Death

Lady Death Trailer (2004)

The pre-release trailer.

Based on a comic book series. A woman burned at the stake in 15th century Sweden actually is Satan (Lucifer)’s daughter – and plots revenge against him.